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Panic. Stress. Dead inside.

“I don’t feel like doing anything. The stuff I used to enjoy feels meaningless.”

“I’m exhausted, but my body gets really hyper at night. It’s so hard to fall asleep.”

"I was depressed and anxious back then… if my mind was clearer, I wouldn’t have made such stupid decisions.”

Chances are that you (or someone you know) has said something similar to these quotes.


Anxiety and depression is not fun. Thankfully, they don't have to control you. You can regulate feelings and maintain mental wellness through various tools. Let us introduce you to a few.

Energy. Resilience. Healing.

"I released tension I didn't even know I was carrying."

"This was so relaxing. Thank you."

"So many people would benefit from this meditation connected to music."

Our fusion of classical piano music with mental wellness tools can help you relax and regulate your emotions.


Developed by musicians and mental health professionals, our programs also incorporate activities often used in counseling, such as the Feeling Wheel and coloring. Watch

Book us for an event to present your community with wellness tools.

Our Three Core Goals:​

spread mental health awareness through music

provide wellness tools before people reach a mental health crisis

help people feel comfortable asking for help


Classical musicians speak out for mental health.


You can support people who need help.


You can ask for help.


We can heal together.



Let piano keys unlock the door to a stigma-free world.


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